Latest Devotionals

“If It’s Worth Doing, Do It Well”? Not Necessarily!”

A Word of Encouragement from Elizabeth Handford Did your mother warn you, “If it’s worth doing, do it well?” Then blame the fourth Earl of Chesterfield. He’s the man who said it first, trying to teach his son “the art of becoming a man of the world and a gentleman.”...

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God’s Sweet Surprise: Better Than Vanilla Ice Cream!

An Encouragement to Wait, from Elizabeth Rice Handford. Have you ever suddenly awakened in the night and remembered with shame something you’d done years before, something you’d forgotten all about? That happened to me the other night. To explain: I am a child of the...

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Failures Forgiven and Forgotten?

I did not know the woman who knocked on the parsonage door one morning, but her face looked like a tragedy mask carved in granite. “I’ve come,” she said, “because I need to take back four words I said.” “Let’s have a cup of coffee, and you tell can me about it.” Her...

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My “Unguarded” Strength Made Me Vulnerable

I didn’t want to join a handbell choir. I just wanted to see how good I’d be at it if I tried it. After all, I’d taken piano lessons for sixteen years, and I could “sight-read” a piece of music of moderate difficulty. So when a handbell choir came to our church, and...

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My Dad Put His World on Hold

Years ago I spent several days with my aging father and mother in Tennessee on their little farm. At breakfast, Daddy said, “Libby, come, take a ride with me. One of the cows didn’t come to the barn last night. I’m afraid she’s dropped her calf and is in trouble.” My...

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