Latest Devotionals

What Are You Listening To?

Every day we are assaulted by voices—colleagues, radio, television, newspapers, educators, famous people, even friends. What we listen to and whom we listen to can shape our beliefs, our actions, even our destiny. Sobering thought. A friend of mine believes the earth...

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A Flat Tire, A Dead Cell Phone, and Two Disguised Angels

Today I think I saw two angels. You might have thought they were two middle-aged, average Americans stolidly on their way to shop for groceries. But Hebrews 13:2 says “Some have entertained angels unawares.” I often travel alone. I try to be prepared for automobile...

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Who Gets to Throw the First Rock?

When I was four years old, I decided that by the time I was ten years old, I would be able to be good. I wouldn’t steal the neighbor’s baby rabbit from its cage again. I wouldn’t hide change from the quarter when Mother sent me to the store for a loaf of bread again....

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Your Truth, My Truth, or The Truth?

We’re talking about heavy stuff today, heavy but important. Please stick with me, O.K.? Adele Rogers St. John, a cub reporter with Hearst Newspapers, rode one night with an EMS crew to a home in San Francisco. They found a father and mother and several children dead,...

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