Bible Study – Volume 3, Women Under the Judges


By Elizabeth Handford, is a committed pastor’s wife, the tired and joyful mother of seven, a life-long student of the Scriptures. She knows the needs and temptations of Christian women in this distressing world because she has lived through it too.

If you’ve ever felt stifled or handicapped because you’re female, then be challenged by the lives of women who lived under the judges of Israel.  See how wise women saved their nation with wsidom and bravery, while the men stood around wringing their hands in fear.

Other life-lessons: the dangers of not knowing God’s Word. . . the terrible results of a wife’s unfaithfulness. . . how to respond to tormentors and bullies. . . why life is hard even when God loves me. What road shall I take?  How can God use my difficult circumstances to fulfill His eternal plans for me?

Fifteen lessons, suitable for private or group study, 86 pages.

This study includes 15 lessons for group or individual study. Workbook-style layout with 86 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2.

Lessons begin with Deborah, Jael & Sisera’s mother and go through Abimilech’s mother, Jephthah’s daughter, Samson’s mother and the woman of Timnath, Delilah, Micah’s mother, Naomi, Ruth, Hannah & Peninnah and conclude with the wife of Phinehas. All references are in KJV.


If you’ve ever felt stifled or demeaned as a woman, then be challenged by Deborah, Jael, the wise woman of Thebes, who saved their country by their bravery, while the men were wringing their hands.

The tragic story of Jephthah’s daughter warns what happens when God’s Word is misunderstood.

Learn from the sordid stories of Delilah and the Levite’s straying concubine the terrible result of divided loyalties in a marriage.

So many wonderful truths to be found in the lovely story of Ruth and her dear mother-in-law Naomi! Why is life so hard, if God really loves me? Which road shall I take? How did God use coincidence to fulfill His eternal plan for redemption?

Learn from Hannah how to respond to tormentors, and from the wife of Phinehas when all hope is gone.



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